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Full color and waterproof sun readable digital signage

Audio & Video Appliances
Full color and waterproof sun readable digital signage
  • 1. Commercial Organizations: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Exclusive agency, Chain shops, Department Stores, Hotel, Restaurants, Travel agency, Pharmacy, Convenient stores, Group Headquarter, etc;


    2. Financial Organizations: Banks, Negotiable Securities, Funds, Insurance company, Pawnshops, etc;


    3. Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunication, Post offices, Hospital, School, etc;


    4. Public Place: Subway; Airport, Railway station, Bus station, Gas station, Toll stations, Bookstore, Parks, Exhibition Hall, Stadium, Museums, Convention centers, Ticket offices, Job center, Lottery center, etc;


    5. Real Estate Property: Apartments, Villas, Office, Commercial Buildings, Model rooms Property Brokers, etc;


    6. Entertainment: Theatre, Fitness Hall, Country Club, Massage Shop, Bars, Cafes, Internet Bars, Beauty shop, Golf course center, etc.